WiFi for Retail


As a retailer, what could you do if you knew...

How to engage directly with all your customers?
When your customers are on
the premises?
How to encourage customers
to spend more?




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Introducing the ProWinet Cloud

There is a significant advantage for retailers to install a Professional WiFi Solution - you gather information about your customers and know exactly who they are.

  You can deliver intelligent marketing messages directly to customers phones

  Customers who enter your store and log on will receive automated targeted offers

  The data set gathered belongs to you and is available to no other 3rd parties

When signing in to connect to the WiFi, any number of questions can be asked and with appropriate guest consent, this data is the available to be used by the marketing department in Wi-Fi Monetisation – Showing a return for investing in good Wi-Fi.

Customer Analytics

You may not actually know who your customers are and so for a one-stop snapshot, we have developed a ProWinet Dashboard that will give you valuable customer details – Customer Name, eMail address, age profile etc. It is a simple, smart, one-screen summary with data available for each customer connected.

ProWinet Retail for WiFi systems create a venue-specific customer login page making it easy for customers to log in for free Wi-Fi and then as customer profiles are auto-generated, marketing messages can be delivered to repeat or new customers with coupons or special offers.  It is also possible to tie in your existing loyalty program with our easy to incorporate API.

What are the benefits of Customer Analytics

  • No more guessing.  With the ProWinet WiFi for Retail solution you will know the customer by Name, eMail Address, Mobile Phone Number, Age Profile, Male / Female etc.  and with appropriate customer permissions, it is possible to deliver your marketing messages DIRECTLY in to the hands of each of them.
  • You may be blanket advertising in national media – Radio, TV etc or printing money off coupons in the national press.  At the same time, you could deliver a range of special offers or money off coupons based on the customers age profile, for example in order to attract customers to call on ‘special offer’ days.
  • When a customer enters your premises, you can automate a process for them to receive notifications around special offers in store that day.
  • While customers are in the store, you can deliver discount coupons that can be used to reduce their bill or increase the value of their spend.

ProWinet WiFi for Retail – Cross Benefits

  • It is optional to integrate the ProWinet for Retail solution with your Loyalty Program via our easy to use API.  Loyalty systems will tell you when the customer has checked out, what they purchased etc.  Integration with ProWinet Retail WiFi will give you the option to increase the customer spend before they reach the checkout.

  • It is also optional to use the same WiFi equipment so that internal store systems can take advantage of blanket WiFi coverage across the premises.  An associated benefit is that Wireless Scanners could be used to decrease stock take time/accuracy or other store administrative tasks.
  • Internal staff IP phones can also run over the same WiFi hardware.