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Are your guests happy with your Free WiFi Service?

Hotel guests always travel with a least one smart device, their phone. Guests can also bring tablets and laptops for themselves and also their kids and simply want the hotel to provide a quality WiFi service that will allow them to connect seamlessly.

It is becoming less important for hotels to offer entertainment content via the WiFi Hotspot. Guests will frequently ‘do their own thing - on their own device’ – be that email, browsing, streaming Netflix, Skype, WhatsApp etc.

Without exception, hotel management always tell us that Good WiFi must be working everywhere, all the time and across all areas of the property and allow for guests to seamlessly roam without any drop off in service.

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WiFi Security

Being secure while online will be presumed by most guests. Many Hotel’s existing Wireless Hotspots are not secure and so it is the responsibility of every hotel to ensure that guest security is delivered with the guest WiFi service.

Open networks invite cross contamination because every guest device can be seen by all other guests. Infection may be malicious or completely accidental from an unknowing guest whose device is infected. Internet calls can also be listened in to and credit card details are exposed.


High Density WiFi

Mid-Week business guests and conferences are the holy grail for many hotels. When a large group of people all descend on one area such as a conference centre or large meeting room, a completely different WiFi hardware requirement is needed. It is called High Density WiFi (HD WiFi).

ProWinet can also install Ultra HD WiFi hardware capable of delivering a premium quality service where up to 2,000 concurrent devices can simultaneously connect in one room.


Public Areas

Ensuring a safe, secure and continual WiFi service for all the public areas of your hotel - Foyer, Reception, Bars, Restaurants etc.

Additional Benefit:

Use the same WiFi hardware for serving staff who may take orders on wireless tablet devices.


Meeting Rooms & Corporate Functions. Covering all meeting rooms with a High Density Solution deployed ensuring all delegates can connect at the same time.

Additional Benefit:

Use the same Wireless network to control Meeting Room Automation Solutions, Apple TV etc.


Reliable and continual blanket coverage across all bedroom areas in your hotel or guesthouse.

Additional Benefit:

Use the same hardware to allow Housekeeping Staff to advise when a room has been cleaned and available.


Outdoor areas for guests and also for wedding parties who may spill out on to the garden area.

Additional Benefit:

Use the same WiFi hardware for serving staff who may take orders on wireless tablets.

In the Gym

To facilitate guests using Fitness Apps such as Fitbit and Music Apps such as Spotify during their workouts