WiFi for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants


Can we tempt you with a bigger slice of WiFi?

Introducing ProWinetprowinet for Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

It is FREE to install and allows you to gather valuable information about your customers without being intrusive.

human needs - slice20Already have Wi-Fi?   So what’s different about the Slice Box from Prowinet?

  • The Slice-Box ensures that everyone connected to it receives an equal share of the Wi-Fi. It can be a very common problem where some users take more than their fair share of the broadband and others suffer because of it.
  • Deliver a professional, branded Wi-Fi service to customers. 
A fast, simple & secure Wi-Fi experience without hassles.
  • Customised web portal to analyse customer data. A simple customer login form that is not intrusive.
  • Custom landing page for promotion and marketing your business. 
Your special offers or marketing messages are delivered directly to each customer's device.
  • Returning customers are welcomed back by name. Reward your loyal customers for returning.

FREE Delivery, Setup & Installation

There is a Monthly Subscription of €49 +VAT to use the service. While you are subscribed, you may use the service freely. The only requirement is that you already have broadband in place.

To request a live demo, place an order or to find out more about The Prowinet Slice Box, get in contact.

Click here to download our ProWinet Slice Box brochure.

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ProWinet Slice +1

For slightly larger venues that need greater Wi-Fi Capacity.

ProWinet Slice +2
For even bigger venues that are spread out and want Wi-Fi capacity everywhere.

Both Prowinet Slice +1 and Slice +2 have a one-time installation fee covering any essential cabling and additional access points.