What is unique about ProWinet


WiFi Marketing and Management
Guest WiFi Solutions for Hotels

The ProWinet Cloud delivers a comprehensive range of management tools.

ProWinet offer live visibility of the health of the WiFi network from a simple traffic-light based web page link. This gives staff a unique ability to manage any rare minor hardware outages swiftly and effectively. Should any element of a network hardware ever fail, a notification will automatically be sent to the ProWinet Support Desk.

A comprehensive range of marketing tools are supplied by default that deliver very useful customer contact information. In addition to a full range of reports, there is the option to create and export custom reports to your needs.


WiFi Custom Technical Information

ProWinet deliver a unique WiFi solution that has been built from the ground up and tailored in order that properties can continually deliver the best customer WiFi experience.

ProWinet survey every property to ensure that a proper cabling infrastructure is in place on which we sit the WiFi network. - The ProWinet solution is hardware agnostic – We use a range of hardware to maximise service and minimise cost.

Heat Map displaying WiFi coverage

ProWinet deliver a heat map report as part of the handover documentation. A heat map is a pin point accurate WiFi scan and displays a colour-coded WiFi coverage map detailing blanket coverage across all areas of the property. Management can now be fully confident in knowing that the WiFi service is available everywhere, all the time.

see Heatmap screenshot - left

The ProWinet Solution guarantees guest device security. When guests connect their devices to the ProWinet WiFi solution, they are enclosed in their own Virtual Security Bubble and completely protected at all times from malicious activity and cross contamination from other guest devices. We rate this highly and created a brief ProWinet Security Explainer Video Clip