ProWinet Structured Data Cabling for WiFi Networks


ProWinet deliver Structured Data Cabling for WiFi networks

ProWinet engineers will complete a pre-installation site survey to assess each customer's site and existing cabling infrastructure. They will then make appropriate recommendations in terms of any additional cabling requirements.

Should additional cabling form part of the solution, the customer has the option to use existing cabling contractors to complete this work or ProWinet can deliver the cabling solutions to a high standard.

Whether your site needs Fibre Optic links or simply Cat5e or Cat6 re-cabling, ProWinet can prepare any site with a Structured Data Solution for WiFi Network purposes.

Many Hotel properties have already installed data cabling in bedrooms and see it as useless now because all guests use WiFi devices.  ProWinet uses a number of discrete in-wall solutions that allow us to upgrade existing data outlets while at the same time delivering Wi-Fi directly into each room.  This simple solution utilises existing data cabling in bedroom areas and reduces any cabling cost as a result.

ProWinet have a unique understanding of the needs of our clients and after a short consultation period, will deliver the optimum solution tailored specifically to the needs of your establishment.

ProWinet Structured Data Cabling for WiFi networks