Powerful Analytics Marketing Platform


At the moment, you may not actually
know who your customers are…

Introducing The ProWinet Cloud

Deploying the ProWinet Cloud Marketing Platform Dashboards behind a WiFi network makes perfect sense.  You deliver a Secure and Free WiFi service to your customers while they are on your premises and, in return, they provide you their contact details.

ProWinet create a venue-specific customer login page making it easy for customers to log in for free and so encouraging customers to sign up is straight forward and only required one time.  The next time they return, they are automatically logged back in.

For a one-stop snapshot, we have developed a ProWinet Dashboard that will give you valuable customer details – Customer Name, eMail address, age profile etc. It is a simple, smart, one-screen summary with data available for each customer connected.

ProWinet WiFi for Retail

*It is worth noting that loyalty schemes will only know that a customer is on site as they leave and so the store does not have the ability to encourage customers to increase their spend.

The ProWinet Cloud automatically knows when a customer arrives and has the ability to automatically push marketing information, special offers or coupons while they are on the premises making this an invaluable marketing tool.

It is also possible to tie in your existing loyalty program with our easy to incorporate API.

Dashboard Examples below


Statistics as outlined above can be a new and invaluable tool for you to discretely cross and up sell to guests. Guest information is gathered in a non-intrusive manner and of course, Good Information and Powerful Analytics really do make the difference by showing a return on the investment made in your Quality Wi-Fi Solution.

WiFi Hotspot Landing Page

Captive Portal Example

Captive portals are another way to describe intelligent landing pages. When a guest registers to the Wi-Fi service on their device, they are redirected to a Captive Portal that can be customised as often as you need.

Captive Portals can be used to great effect and are a mechanism for delivering your promotional offers directly into the hands of your customer